All of us here at Rock the Paws Foundation thank you for your devotion and continued support for us and our cause. 2020 is a difficult year in many ways. We ask that you keep the faith in all of the rescues and shelters across the globe in hopes that every animal finds a home. Fund raising is extremely difficult this year so please accept our call for your generosity. Please donate to your favorite rescue or shelter or click on our "Please Help" dog so we may continue our mission. Our funds are very low and we have many dogs and cats that need our help. No amount is too small. Our store lets you donate in $5.00 increments. Paypal or credit card accepted. 

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About Us


Mission Statement - The mission of Rock the Paws Foundation, a non-profit organization, is to promote advocacy, and offer monetary support and other resources to individuals and organizations that are dedicated to aiding in the rescue, care, placement, and ethical treatment of dogs and cats 

Vision - The vision of Rock the Paws Foundation is a world where every dog and cat attains the right to survival and protection.

Many dogs/cats are discarded or abused on a daily basis. Our goal is to help raise funds to provide medical attention, such as spay/neutering, vaccinations, food, etc. and to support finding these precious animals forever homes.

Our Motto - Raise your Claws for Rock the Paws!  

Rock the Paws Foundation is an official 501c3 non profit organization: EIN #81-2178155

We are also a platform to "Be The Voice" for any and all animals in need. And to help others by sharing their events. Rock the Paws Foundation is all about the dogs & cats! They are our #1 priority!

Rock the Paws Foundation Board Members 


Tina Deccio, President

Dennis Deccio, Vice President

Annette Rojas, Secretary

Jaclyn O'Connel, Board Member

Richelle Rojas, Board Member

Tom Trebizo, Board Member

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Our Spokes Dogs (left to right)

Lee The One and Only